We currently require a full-time Imam and Mudaris (teacher) Alim/Hafiz for our local masjid.


  1. leading the jamaat 2/3 times a day
  2. sharing the duty with the existing imam
  3. teaching madrassah classes Monday-Friday between the hours 16:30 and 19:30
  4. leading the jamaat 2/3 times a day
  5. teach nazira
  6. teach hifz
  7. teach tajweed
  8. teach qira'at
  9. teach in classes when required
  10. Other madrassah duties will be also inclusive relevant to your role
You must be fluent in English and Urdu and capable of supervising students, contacting parents, arranging parents meetings, presentation day events. Other various duties can be included but in short we have mentioned the mandatory duties.

In terms of both imams, you will be given 1 weekend off every other week and you will also be given upto 28 days paid holidays per annum.

You will need to familiarise yourself with the madrassah's systems and procedures in terms of madrassah's code of conduct, safeguarding, health and safety, fire risk assessment, first aid, hygeine. Relevent training will be provided.

You must make use of your professional skills in terms of liasing with the management, staff, manager and any other relevent bodies of the madrassah. Communication is vitaly important to inform the relevent bodies of any issues.


Salary we offer is £20k gross per year. We don't provide accomodation, but we can help you find accommodation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

You will be given an employment contract with all your terms and conditions and provisions of service.

How to apply

Please email your CV to or you can call us on 07737 893 562.

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