Masjid Donation

Darul Arqam Trust Derby is a registered charity (Reg Charity No 1174826 England and Wales)

Brothers and Sisters are reminded about the importance of supporting the Masjid by donating either via our bank account or setting up a standing order by notifying your bank.

Please donate generously towards the masjid and madrasah to contribute towards the running cost of the masjid

BANK NAME: Lloyds Bank

SORT CODE: 30 92 59


Important note

1. Please specify what cause the money you are sending is for

2. Please do not send any zakat money, sadaqah wajiba,fitrana,fidya,qurbani to our Masjid bank account - only send your Lillah and Sadiqa Nafila money here please. Thank you

Charity Projects

To give your zakat, sadaqah wajiba, fitrana, fidya and qurbani money please deposit the money into our Charity bank account and specify what cause you are depositing the money for. Click here to go to our Charity Projects page.